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  • Zhu Xiaoqing
  • Zheng Xia
  • Zheng Guifang
  • Ye Jianhong

    Zhu Xiaoqing

    Chief Nurse,Chief Head Midwife of Baijia Holdings

    With 35 years of nursing and midwifery and as a chief nurse at the OB/GYN department at the Third Hospital of Wuhan, in charge of midwife consulting ... [more]

    Zhu Xiaoqing Online Consultation

    Zheng Xia

    Associate director physician

    She is experienced in the diagnosis of common and complicated diseases as well as high risk pregnancy such as gestational hypertension, gestational di ... [more]

    Zheng Xia Online Consultation

    Zheng Guifang

    Attending physician

    She is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of clinical cases of OB/GYN., the standard operation procedure of family planning, the diagnosis an ... [more]

    Zheng Guifang Online Consultation

    Ye Jianhong

    Associate Chief Physician, Director of Pediatrician

    She is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric common and frequently-occurring diseases, especially in the diagnosis and treatment of ... [more]

    Ye Jianhong Online Consultation
  • Xia Xiaodong
  • Wang Ting
  • Li Quanjun
  • Li Lingxin

    Xia Xiaodong

    Associate director physician, director of anesthesia department

    He is skilled in clinical operation of anesthesia especially in the rescue of critical cases, elderly cases and pediatric cases. He published a dozen ... [more]

    Xia Xiaodong Online Consultation

    Wang Ting

    Nurse-in-charge, bilingual midwife

    She is skilled in the consultation and instruction on antenatal diseases as well as in Doula, Lamaze breathing birth, water birth, and analgesia labor ... [more]

    Wang Ting Online Consultation

    Li Quanjun

    Deputy chief physician, at obstetric department

    She is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of obstetric complications and complicated cases, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of gynecolo ... [more]

    Li Quanjun Online Consultation

    Li Lingxin

    Chief Nurse, Director of Nursing Department

    She was a chief head nurse and has been working for 35 years at clinical nursing in OB/GYN including 15 years as a midwife and midwife management. ... [more]

    Li Lingxin Online Consultation
  • Chen Laxiang
  •  Qiuhua  Lin
  • JIANG Peiru

    Chen Laxiang

    Associate Chief Physician

    Graduated from Wuhan Staff medical college, majored in clinical medicine, she has been working at a women and infants hospital for 30 years and had mi ... [more]

    Chen Laxiang Online Consultation

    Qiuhua Lin

    Vice Chairman of the Board

    MBA from Concordia University and EMBA from Beijing University Educational experience in Yokohama Business School, Shanghai Jiaotong University and i ... [more]

     Qiuhua  Lin Online Consultation

    JIANG Peiru

    BAIJIA Senior Consultant

    Chief Physician Teaching Professor in the OB-GYN Department of Fudan University Academic leader of the national key discipline of OB-GYN hepatopathy ... [more]

    JIANG Peiru Online Consultation

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