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These false ideas about childbirth, did you know about these?

Date: January 27,2019   Read: 
Women with bigger hips have easy deliveries
The bigger the fetus, the healthier it is
This is quite common in life
Some misconceptions about childbirth
As a pregnant mother
Be sure to know!
The larger the fetus, the healthier it is
Giant infants will increase the risk and difficulty of birth, increase the risk of prolonged labor, fetal hypoxia, inhalation of meconium, arm or clavicle fracture injury, sometimes must resort to vacuum suction, easy to cause fetal injury, maternal pelvis, perineum injury will also increase the chance. Therefore, the fetus is not the bigger the better, the smooth birth is most important.
After birth, babies who eat well will grow well. It is good to have a normal weight when you are pregnant, and don't eat too much in order to increase your baby's weight. Babies who are heavier at birth are not necessarily taller when they grow up.
The doctor reminds: the baby in the belly does not have to be big, within the healthy range is good.
Big baby are tough to delivery, little kids are easy
Some pregnant mothers think 3200 grams must be easy to delivery, 3800 is not easy. In fact, the size of the fetus with the birth is not born out of absolute relationship, the big fetus or can be born out, also often clinical encounter small fetus is not born.
There are a lot of reasons of hard delivery, that difficult birth includes pelvic size, uterine contractive force, fetal size, the stand or fall of tolerance to painful, give force, the size of the fetus is among them a factor only.
Doctors caution: fetal size is not the only factor in deciding whether to have a natural birth.

Women with large hips have better delivery
It has long been said that "women with big hips are easy to have children". That's because people think that a big butt is a bigger pelvis, so it's easier to give birth.
In fact, this often depends on the width of the pelvis and the slope, the export of the pelvis to compare wide, these all look not to come out from the appearance, butt is bigger or lower body is bigger, some are not in the pelvis, but just because the body fat is more, it is easier to cause high rates of pregnancy-induced hypertension, dystocia, fetal weight.
The doctor reminds: the woman with big bottom perhaps they just have more fat.
Cesarean section or natural delivery is better
There is no better way to give birth, but to see the pregnant mother's personal situation to decide which is better. Generally speaking, the child is too big, pelvis is too small, giant baby, placenta previa, placenta is not right, need to take caesarean section, if do not have afore-mentioned problem, general and normal circumstance, pregnant mother can give birth naturally.
The doctor of course still suggests pregnant mother can choose natural birth, after all, the best implementation of cesarean section is in the medical measures for natural birth can not be carried out, non-doctor suggested factors, as far as possible is the less the better.
Doctor caution: if the doctor did not recommend a cesarean section, of course, it is best to give birth naturally. This is also good for the fetus.
The elderly pregnant mother must be delivered by caesarean section
Old age pregnant mother also need not have caesarean section birth. As long as the size of the pelvis, the intensity of uterine contractions are normal, there are many older mothers like natural birth.
Sometimes because of the relationship of age, pelvic ligament muscle softness is not enough, can cause labor process is longer, but such condition also may not need caesarean section, the most important is pregnant mother must move more, do not raise the fetus too big, add the coordination of other conditions, can produce naturally likewise.
The doctor reminds: the old age pregnant mother so long as the body and so on each aspect condition permit, certainly or the natural birth is best.
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