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Pregnant exercise, how to avoid making mistakes, and help natural labor?

Date: January 28,2019   Read: 
Becoming a mother is a long journey
On this journey
Women expands their bodies, however their soul
 become delicate
Exercise during pregnancy is a way to
Make pregnancy comfortable and beautiful
Bit by bit
Stick to it day by day
Harvest is greater than you think
Benefits of exercise during pregnancy
For the fetus, proper prenatal exercise provides sufficient oxygen and nutrition for the brain of the pregnant mother, and prompts the brain to release beneficial substances such as enkephalin, which enters the fetus through the placenta and speeds up metabolism, thus promoting growth and development. Exercise during pregnancy can shake the amniotic fluid and stimulate the whole body skin of the fetus, just like giving the fetus a massage, which is beneficial to the brain development of the fetus and will make it smarter after birth.
For pregnant mothers, exercise during pregnancy can promote blood circulation and metabolism, enhance cardiopulmonary function, help sleep, reduce waist and leg pain, prevent or reduce lower limb edema. In addition, exercise can also increase physical strength, so that the muscles have flexibility, which is very meaningful for a successful delivery. For pregnant mothers with diabetes, exercise may help treat the disease.
The best time for pregnant women to exercise
Best time: from four months to seven months after conception.
At this time the movement helps pregnant mother to have a natural childbirth, it also can improve maternal blood circulation, increase the nutrition of muscle tissue, also can make the muscle reserves energy. So we suggest pregnant mother exercise abdominal muscle more, powerful abdominal muscle can prevent abdominal wall becoming flabby. Strong abdominal, dorsal and pelvic floor muscles also help with natural childbirth.
Exercise during pregnancy
Stationary bikes, swimming, yoga, and walking are all good exercises for pregnant women.
Aerobic exercise: includes brisk walking, jogging, cycling, etc.
Aerobic exercise during pregnancy can strengthen the cardiopulmonary function and promote the body's role in oxygen absorption, so there are direct benefits to the pregnant mother and baby.
In addition, it can strengthen blood circulation and reduce arterial varicosity during pregnancy. Increase muscle strength and eliminate some or all back pain; Increase physical endurance in preparation for childbirth; May also play a role in regulating blood pressure, blood sugar, weight control and so on.
Water sports: including swimming, water aerobics, etc.
Water exercise is a special kind of aerobic exercise, which is of great benefit to pregnant mothers.
The buoyancy of water can help pregnant mother support more than before pregnancy 10 ~ 13Kg weight, the resistance of water can also reduce the chance of gradually relaxed joint injury, water is better than air in conductivity so that pregnant mother need not worry about excessive temperature rise.
Precautions for exercise during pregnancy
If you rarely exercise at ordinary times, exercise during pregnancy must be started in a gradual manner under good air conditions.
Pregnant mothers due to hormonal changes will make muscles, joints more relaxed, if not a good warm-up, it is easy to cause muscle, joint strain in the process of exercise. Therefore, before the exercise you must do a good warm-up exercise, this can also avoid cramps.
Athletic appropriative dress often has the function that absorb sweat to  lose heat, it can avoid the discomfort that does not absorb sweat material to bring for the skin, the athletic dress that has flexibility also is helpful for the activity of the body and extend.
When exercising, the heart rate should be within 140 beats per minute. If it exceeds this range, the pregnant mother's blood flow is high and her blood vessels may be overloaded.
Discomfort during exercise
Seek medical attention as soon as possible

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