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Three years of suffering solved in one hour! Micro non - invasive treatment of ovarian cyst, less worry, more peace of mind.

Date: January 29,2019   Read: 

On January 26, Dr. Zhao Wenpeng, doctor of PLA general hospital (Beijing 301 hospital), a micro-noninvasive expert of wok medical group, visited our hospital and completed two minimally invasive surgeries in one morning, and received four patients.


Dr. Zhao Wenpeng communicated with the patient carefully
On the morning of the same day, Dr. Zhao Wenpeng and the Wuhan  Baijia medical team successfully performed ultrasound-guided percutaneous puncture sclerotherapy of ovarian cyst in a patient with chocolate ovarian cyst.
The clinical situation
Name: Ms. Zhang (pseudonym)
Age: 33
Medical history: in a physical examination, Ms. Zhang found that she had a chocolate cyst on the left side of her body, and she was not willing to carry out an operation because she was worried about the impact of the wound on her body. She turned to use traditional Chinese medicine for recuperation, but the effect was not ideal, and the cyst increased significantly in the past six months.
This time, I came to the Wuhan outpatient department of Woyi hospital. After B-ultrasound examination, it was clearly shown that there was a 6.7x6.0cm chocolate cyst on the left side.

Operation situation
After improving relevant inspection
Dr. Zhao recommended ultrasound guided
Percutaneous ovarian cyst sclerotherapy
The treatment time was 90mins
120ml of marmalade - colored cyst fluid was extracted from the patient
The patient left the hospital with ease shortly after surgery
// What is an ovarian chocolate cyst? / /
Ovarian chocolate cyst professional name is ovarian endometriosis cyst, is a common gynecological disease. As the name suggests, endometriosis is located in the ovary, with hormonal changes and menstrual changes such as periodic hyperemia, bleeding and stripping. Because the old blood that eccentricity intima secretes cannot eduction outside the body and accumulate slowly inside ovary form purple brown hematocele, sticky if mushy, shape resembles chocolate, call again "chocolate cyst" (abbreviation clever bursa).
General clinical manifestations are recurrent dysmenorrhea, infertility, menstrual disorders and discomfort in the affected side adnexal area. When the cyst is large, it is easy to twist or rupture, resulting in acute abdomen and spread of lesions.
Traditional laparoscopic surgery vs. ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy of ovarian cyst targeting the smart capsule
Traditionally, laparoscopic surgery is mostly used for the treatment of the smart capsule. 3-4 tiny channels are made in the abdomen, and TV monitoring imaging is used to guide the laparoscopic instruments to complete cyst removal, which is a minimally invasive treatment. General anesthesia is required during the operation, which also has the risk of anesthesia, and may also face the problems of urinary retention and pelvic adhesion after the operation.
If the ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy of ovarian cyst is carried out, the puncture route can be through the abdominal wall or through the vagina, and only 1-2mm fine puncture needle eye is created. The cyst fluid is aspirated through the puncture needle, and then the cyst cavity is rinsed with anhydrous alcohol after fully cleaning the cyst cavity with normal saline, resulting in necrosis and inactivation of endothelial cells in the cyst cavity. The pain is not only light, but also can achieve the effect of no scar abdomen, to achieve a truly minimally invasive.

What's more, puncture sclerotherapy can cure the cysts under 6cm~7cm by first sclerotherapy (the cysts shrink by more than 80% or even disappear completely).
Cysts larger than 8cm usually require 2 sessions of sclerotherapy.
Micro-noninvasive technology is becoming more and more mature
Better choice for patients
Since Woyi healing hysteromyoma micro noninvasive centres moved in Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital, several women in the micro recover under the treatment of noninvasive technology, most of the benign disease of gynaecology, such as uterine fibroids, adenomyosis of the uterus, ovarian cyst treated by microwave, radio frequency (rf), endometrial ablation, single-arch laparoscopic surgery, cold knife hysteroscopy, vaginal type such as micro noninvasive treatments.

Established in March 2016, Woyi obstetrics and gynecology group is the first obstetrics and gynecology expert doctor group in China after the national policy of opening multi-point practice. Woyi medical obstetrics and gynecology doctors group, is a composed of 121 experts in gynecology and obstetrics doctors group, the group has two-thirds of experts for the division, PhD supervisor, director, major cities throughout the country, professional involves common department of gynaecology, gynecological endoscope, gynecological tumors, infertility, obstetrics, gynecology, obstetrics and gynecology family planning and professional.
Every month, Woyi medical group experts will be invited
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