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Guard health, defeat female killer!

Date: January 30,2019   Read: 

For women
There are two types of cancer that must be taken very seriously
Breast cancer and cervical cancer
As the absolute female killer
They are also the two most common malignancies in women

Can breast cancer and cervical cancer detect early
Of course!
Breast cancer
The best way to find out if you have cancer is not by looking at your symptoms, but by looking for medical checks before they appear.
Cervical cancer
Cervical cancer screening mainly includes two kinds, one is cervical cytology screening, one is a high-risk type of human tumor virus (HPV) screening, although these two screening methods are a little expensive, but for the sake of health, don't be cheap.

Diet is closely related to the incidence of cancer, good diet can prevent cancer, and bad diet will cause cancer.
Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits
Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in a variety of vitamins, can antioxidant, oxygen free radical scavenging, vegetables are also rich in trace element selenium, has the role of anti-cancer.
Eat more roughage
Alleged coarse grain is oat, corn, eat coarse grain more, can adjust blood fat very well, can prevent large intestine cancer not only, also have help to preventing breast cancer, a variety of antioxidant material are contained in coarse grain, coarse grain can adjust blood fat, and the stimulation that tall blood fat can strengthen estrogen to mammary gland epithelium.
Eat more soy products
For women, eating more soy products can be very good to prevent breast cancer and cervical cancer, this is because soy products are rich in phytoestrogens, not only will not increase the estrogen in the body, but also have a certain antagonistic effect, soy products are also rich in high quality protein, can improve immunity, for the prevention of cancer it is helpful.
Who should be screened for cancer?
1. Women who smoke regularly
Breast and cervical cancer screening should be done annually at the hospital.
2. Women with a family history of cancer
Not only one kind of cancer, we should pay attention to the health of these two parts.
3. Obesity
Women who prefer a high-fat diet and lack access to fresh vegetables and fruit should be checked.
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