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The Spring Festival is coming. Please don't tease the children like this!

Date: January 31,2019   Read: 
The Spring Festival is coming
It's time for a big family to get together again
New Year's day at home
Children are often what people are
Talking about or teasing
For some well-meaning and good-will teasing
Such as telling jokes to amuse children
Encourage children to say auspicious words, etc
Parents will embrace it
And then there are some really nasty teasing
Some make adults and children feel uncomfortable
But because of the situation for talking back
When the Spring Festival comes
Baijia is necessary to remind everyone to pay attention to this.

Please don't feed my children at random. At least you must ask my permission first. Because you can't be sure that what you're feeding him is right for him, whether it's candy, fruit, seafood, or just a salty dish.
In particular, jelly, plum, peanuts, eating improper easy to cause body injury. This is the highest incidence of accidents in children, and there are 80% in the home, the condition is urgent, if not in 4 minutes to remove obstruction, can cause severe hypoxia, cardiac arrest and death, even if they are rescued and survived, will also be due to cerebral hypoxia for too long, leaving paralysis, aphasia, mental retardation and other serious complications!

Maybe to you, this is just a joke, but it is very harmful to children. Because kids can't tell the difference between a joke and a fact, and it's that kid's reaction that makes you laugh. Such words, can let the child psychology produce extreme insecurity, fear to cry. If you are really my family and friends, please stop making fun of children.

We are often asked such questions when we are young. For the baby, the father and mother are the same, but the problem of adults, will make them confused. Like the answer, the adults are still stubborn; Can casually say if they like mom or dad more, this is against the heart of the kids. Does watching someone get caught in a dilemma really give you that much pleasure?

Baby's small face, small hands tender, chubby, when saw it you want to pinch it. However, if you really like them, hold back the hand that is extended to them. If the baby's face is often pinched, then it is easy to affect the development of the parotid gland, increase the child's saliva secretion.
More serious is, because adult hand was full of all sorts of bacterium and virus, and the baby is used to eating a hand at ordinary times, pathogenic bacterium is brought easily inside the body bring about illness.

Think of our childhood, how many people have had such an experience. Whenever a guest comes to the house, they will be asked to "sing a song to my uncle" and "dance to my aunt".
Children are not role models or show-offs of educational success. They have their own lives and their own dignity. Do not for a vanity of the pursuit of praise, "this child really good", to hurt the child's self-esteem.
What's more, children should not live a life of gaining others' praise.

The child did not say hello in time, "the child is really timid"; The child did not give his favorite snacks to others, "this child is really mean"; The child was made to cry by you, "this child only knows to cry"...
But you don't laugh at strangers on the road, you don't give half of your wallet away, and you're unhappy sometimes. In a child's world, these are the same thing. You don't know much about my child. Please don't label him or her as unfair just because he or she doesn't comply with your request and teasing.

"Still using diapers? Practice how to use toilet!" ", "eat more salt then you will have strength. Your mother always take these tasteless food to fool you", "the hair is so long still you do not shave? Shave your hair is good!" ......
Thank you for your kindness and to me. Although we are also raised in this way, but it does not mean that this is right, it does not mean that this is the best for the children. Please respect me and my children and don't interfere in my parenting.
Parents should be aware of the harm of such teasing
Protect your children
Remind yourself, too
Don't tease other people's children like that
Happy Chinese New Year
Start by respecting your children
The pediatric outpatient department of our hospital will have the doctor as usual during the Spring Festival
If the baby has discomfort, please do not panic

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