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[Latest notice] The wonderful February of parents, good mothers club has it all!

Date: February 01,2019   Read: 
At the beginning of 2019
I don't know the progress bar of pig baby in your life
We're up to a few percent
Time flies and happiness hovers in my mind
What are your plans for 2019
The first baby plan for 2019
We have done it for you!
Come to Wuhan Baijia good mother club course
Join the big mothers family
Work with professional doctors and nurses
Get together and have a good time
Practical knowledge of pregnancy
To bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, the club of Baijia good mothers starts the new term again. Come to Wuhan Baijia to participate in the interesting opening ceremony exclusive to you and the golden pig baby, and give the golden pig baby "golden pig" together. On February 17th (Sunday) at 14:30 PM - [DIY golden pig babies for Lantern Festival gifts], let's give our babies a wonderful love.

How did your life begin? Do you know what the best place to start is? If you haven't considered this problem, then this course is for you - February 20 (Wednesday) morning at 9 a.m. Head nurse brought you pregnant mother, how to let the children have the best start in life, let you pregnant mother learned how to let the child have the best start in life, to the peak of life ~

Do you know what a labor package is? Do you know what to put in the waiting bag? Mother don't worry, about the problem of the package, big customer service director Chen Li may be able to answer for you, February 23 (Saturday) at 9:30 am -- [pregnant mother has to listen to the preparation of the package], to give the whole family a peace of mind.
If you are worried about body management during pregnancy, you may want to listen to this class. Wang Duofei, director of medical operations, may be able to answer your questions. On Wednesday, February 27th, at 9:30 am, you will enjoy your time as a hot and sexy mom.

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