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You used up all your strength to delivery your baby, more importantly you need to "arm" your brain for confinement!

Date: February 12,2019   Read: 
When the new baby comes out from the body of mothers, it really used up all their strength, it can be said to be very hard!
Therefore the postpartum key is of course the mother's body recovery, but don't forget, confinement is a technical work! In the face of different gossip, mother needs to pay attention.
How should the confinement be?
Don't be fooled by these common sayings!
You can't be exposed to wind during confinement
Being exposed to wind can cause a stroke
Wind refers to the flow of air, air flow to ensure the freshness of the air. As long as there is a temperature difference, there will be air flowing. Air flow has no impact on mothers, air flow can take away the body heat, to make sweat to evaporate.
You can't drink water in confinement
Water is cold
Under normal circumstances, mother needs to drink 3000ml of water every day. In addition to the water contained in the diet, the rest should be added in the form of water. Postpartum as a result of uterine contraction and other reasons, the body will have a lot of water evaporation, mainly in the form of sweat discharge. A lot of postpartum sweating and breastfeeding, additional water is needed, so be more careful to drink more water. Modern medicine does not treat any food or water as cold or hot. Water is the best drink.
Do not touch raw water
Postpartum sweating a lot, if you do not take a shower your body will be infected. Raw water, cooked water is not sterile, as long as the water company processed qualified water on the line. We believe that the immune system does not need a sterile environment.

You can't eat spices
Eat more eggs and stews
Mother after delivery should not eat spices, so our diet is still Chinese? Of course no matter whether mothers should learn to delicate food, for instance little salt, little monosodium glutamate, also do not take any sorts of Chinese traditional medicine.
In the past, eggs were a reliable source of protein. But now the food is extremely rich. There are many kinds of protein-based food, and eggs are no longer the main source. But eggs are still very good nutrition, you can eat it, but not too many, 1~2 is enough for a day.
If you are breastfeeding after giving birth, you can drink more liquid than normal. It is also OK to eat more liquid food. However, all kinds of broth are high in purine.

The air conditioner runs at 30 degrees.
Wear long sleeves at home
Want to use air conditioning cooling in summer, otherwise you will heatstroke, the weather is too cold in winter also want to use air conditioning heating (south), we are most comfortable body feeling temperature is 18 ~ 25 ℃. Technology has provided us with a comfortable life, there is no need to return to primitive society.

After a month to eat pig kidney
Can not eat chicken, or you will get jaundice
Eat pig kidney for a month? Animal offal needs to be ate less, it belongs to high purine food. Is it because she's too lazy to think of more recipes? Neonatal jaundice is to have certain oneself reason, what did not have concern with what mothers eat.

Confinement has all kinds of magic
A confinement will cure all illness
Alleged confinement can cure illness, because this some people get pregnant intentionally and abort, this brings too much harm on someone. Diseases may occur during childbirth due to a variety of conditions, such as postpartum hemorrhage leading to sheehan's syndrome, and these complications can only be exacerbated by the next pregnancy and cannot be alleviated. So, confinement is the key period for mother's postpartum recovery. We should treat it scientifically and love ourselves well.
Confinement should be like this?
If the birth of a child is hell for mother, that "confinement" is mother in the biological process of reshaping themselves. In recent years, many mothers choose to have confinement in the club, hope to get better service, on the one hand, scientific confinement, related to the health and beauty of women postpartum. On the other hand, for the baby, the neonatal period to accept scientific feeding and care, can effectively reduce the incidence of disease.
Below these mothers "confinement" have different experience experience, come together to understand.

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