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This is the care I want to give you, this is how I express love

Date: February 15,2019   Read: 

Eileen Chang once said, maybe love is not passion, not miss, but years, years which love have become a part of life. What kind of expression do we need for valentine's day when we become long-married?
Some people say, love, is to give her the best things! Is that right? In fact, what a woman really needs is your intimate care, real company and careful consideration...
So, what does she want by her side, you know?
In fact, just with you, happy and healthy life.
So this year, maybe we can do something different.

Love you is to give you the most comprehensive guardian
Some people think that a physical examination is for the elderly. The statistics in recent years show that the age of hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes and cerebrovascular diseases tends to be younger. Young does mean safe, only physical examination is early detection of a variety of important diseases effective measures.
Regular physical examination is an effective means to protect health. Some people, who were originally thought to be healthy, were found to have kidney failure. Some people who thought they were not ill were found to have cirrhosis of the liver; Some second liver patient by fish transaminase is very tall, be in infect period, be in urgent need of be in hospital segregation...
There are many cases, and if regular physical examination can be done, it can be early detection of potential pathogenic factors, early lesions or functional abnormalities, to achieve early detection, early treatment.

We are all past the age of saying sweet things.
I can't say enough
You better do a practical thing
Enjoy the sweet and happy life together.

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