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EVENT REVIEW! 丨Run! Baby! Crawling is a small step, growth is a big step!

Date: May 30,2019   Read: 

For every baby, "crawling" is the first step to explore the world and to get close to their parents!
In this warm spring, your baby will show her/him skill of crawling and reach a higher point in your company and encouragement.


(Activity highlights)


Every baby is unique, and what they need most is companionship and attention.
Climbing competition is a very good activity for parents to accompany their children. They can participate in the game together with their children and experience the fun of accompanying their children.


Our hospital held a fun activity --"The Fifth Season Baby Crawling Race", at 9:30 yesterday morning. More than 80 families participated in the activity which was divided into morning and afternoon sessions.


The event setting was interesting, the prizes were exquisite!
We hoped every child had a good time by attending of the event.
The professional photographers at the hospital had taken every family pictures, leaving them the memorable moments.


Because many parents had no experience in parenting, they were very weak in the awareness of early education before a baby was one year old. In the song of the early education teacher, parents and children played a series of interactive games together.

Wow, so many uncles and aunts were looking at me!
Because I was quite handsome and cute?
I'm gonna to make a good performance.
Blow off a kiss to you!

The little friend in front of me was so cute
Let me make friends with him
Why did he run away when he saw me
Wait for me, wait for me

(A foreign dad with his cute baby)

In order to help the baby win the first place,
this foreign father worked really hard.
Sometimes, he pumped his baby up.
And then danced at the end of the field.
He looked excited, which made him so funny.

 Image above: Director Ye, a pediatrician, was lecturing


After the crawling competition, Ye Jianhong, the director of child care department, gave a lecture on "How to Make Disease Prevention Within the First Year of Life". Through this lecture, the parents knew more comprehensively about the infant diseases of respiratory tract infection and diarrhea.

The moment when the baby was so cute.


(The cute baby’s close-up shot)

At the end of the activity, We prepared a birthday cake for the lovely babies on site to celebrate in advance. We hoped the parents can cherish every moment of the growth of the babies and remember the sweet and meaningful parent-child time!

(The families took photos in front of the photo wall)


Many parents expressed praise and affirmation for the event after it was over. They said they would certainly come if the same event was held next time...We looked forward to our next meeting.

·All the babies and their mothers took photos together.

Finally, thanks again for the support and participation of the families.
Let’s meet at the next event.
It will be a baby crawling race to teach through lively activities.
It will be the exclusive parent-child time belonging to you and your baby .

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