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A letter to the maternal friends

Date: August 27,2018   Read: 

My dear friend:


  Welcome to Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital and make a good decision to give us the opportunities to offer the service to you. From now on, we will take efforts to join hands with you to enjoy the successful delivery and the healthy growth of your baby.


  As a BFHI oriented hospital, namely baby friendly hospital initiative, we will encourage and help you implement the successful breast breeding. You are supposed to take a good care of your breasts under the instruction of your doctors or nurses from the very beginning of the antenatal examination.  In addition to the sufficient and balanced nutrition during the whole pregnancy, it is necessary for you to do self-monitoring every day during the mid to late pregnancy to record fetal movements in order to know well about the fetal development and come to our hospital immediately in the case that something abnormal appears.


  As time goes on, the moment for your baby to birth will arrive for which you can prepare anything but milk bottles or infant formula while in hospital. Your husband or relatives will be invited to accompany you during the labor to inspire you. Within the first 30 minutes of the delivery, the medical staffs will help you have skin contacts with your baby for half an hour and help your baby to suckle your breasts as early as possible in order to reduce the postnatal hemorrhage and to secrete sufficient breast milk for you.




  Then you will come to the baby friendly ward where you will stay with your baby for 24 hours each day for you to care and feed your baby breasts milk conveniently. The constantly intimate contact will be helpful for you to secrete more breast milk and increase the intimacy between mother and baby so as to promote the fetal intelligent development and make you a qualified mother by exerting the scientific techniques of breeding baby learnt in this hospital.


  Please feed your baby breast milk other than any food or drinks after he or she is born in case of the impact on the successful breast milk feeding.


  After the smooth delivery, a brand new life is waiting for you and your baby with the sincere blessing from us. It is not easy but interesting for you to feed up a little baby and feeding your baby with your breast milk is a pretty good beginning. Keep it in your mind that breast milk is the best food for your baby, please never give up feeding your baby with your breast milk. In case of any questions or difficulties please never be hesitate to call the breast milk feeding consulting hotline of our hospital. The call number is 027-66666333. We will be at your service at any time to answer you and to provide you with the solution to your problems.


  Forty-two days after your delivery, please come back with your baby to the obstetric clinic in our hospital to have a postnatal check and consultation. The medical staffs here will keep on providing the sound service beneficial to the fitness of you and your baby.


  My dear maternal friend, for the fitness of you and your baby, please cooperate with us in our work. Thank you very much!


  Wish you a warm, happy and lovely family life!

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