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Lamaze Breathing Birth Debuted in Wuhan, Foreign Experts Told You How to Relieve Pains in Labor

Date: August 27,2018   Read: 

 Sponsored by Hubei Health and Family Planning Education Center and Co-sponsored by Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital, the International Training Camp of Lamaze in a series of activities in the theme of Green Pregnancy and Natural Delivery, was performed in Wuhan Conference Center on 24th April, 2016, aiming at popularizing and promoting midwife technique of natural birth and modern ideas of delivery to reduce cesarean section coming from medical intervention.


Picture 1 “ Green Pregnancy and Natural Delivery“,
The International Training Camp of Lamaze triggered a boom in natural birth in Wuhan city


Picture 2 Pregnant arrivals signing up at the camp


Picture 3 Parents-to-be were active at the interaction session of scanning WeChat Code to win gifts.

 Lew Changbing, the director of Hubei Health and Family Planning Education Center was present and made a speech. He said, with the same ideas of promoting green pregnancy and natural birth, we held this activity together with Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital for the wellbeing of Hubei people.


Picture 4 Lew Changbing, director of the Hubei Healh and Family Planning Education Center (the first person on the upper left) and Zhang Jiqin, Dean of Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital , (the first person on the upper right ),made speeches and the medical team of Wuhan Baijia was at its public appearance.


Picture 5 The official start of international training camp of Lamaze.

 A man could not endure the mimic pain of labor at the labor pain experience area.

 The unbearable mimic pain of labor made the expected fathers realizing the greatness of being a mother.


Picture 6 The expected fathers experienced the pain of labor.


Picture 7 Labor pain experience area was soaked in the joyful talking and laughing.

 Rich gifts were offered at the site including iPhone6S, Padmini, electrical mobile of infant, infant cart etc.. Each arrival received a piece of sign-up gift, and had a taste of pure cubilose.


Picture 8 The consultation zone of concluding a contract was full of people to smash golden eggs to win surprises. 


   Hundreds of expected parents shared the experience of green delivery.

 Some foreign experts including Kirsty Lowe, a midwife teacher of Baijia holdings and a international Lamaze breathing birth teacher, and Henny Bonkers, the representive of international commission of midwife, international expert of Lamaze breathing birth and certified psychological counsellor, are specially invited to the site to instruct the expected parents about the technique of Lamaze.


Picture 9 the expected mothers were practicing yoga in the light music.

 According to the international experts, Lamaze breathing birth is helpful for the pregnant to control the rythmn of breathing to get muscle relaxed to reduce the pains of labor to a bearable degree, thus shortening labor and reducing laceration of perineum.


Picture 10 Gao Xiaqing, the senior yoga teacher of Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital, was performing yoga special for the pregnant at the platform.

 "I always heard of the torturous labor from the experienced mothers and feel helpless and scared when I thought of it. But right now I am full of confidence about the natural birth after listening to the lecture of the experts." Said the expected mother at the 31 week gestational age. Every pregnant arrival was satisfied not only with the surprises but also the practices of Lamaze breathing birth and the following soothing yoga. They expressed their happiness from the special training at the site.


Picture 11 The prize winners took a picture together.

 Practice scientific natural birth, setting an example of green pregnancy.

 Sponsored by Hubei Health and Family Planning Education Center, the theme of this public activity is green pregnancy and natural birth, aiming at releasing fear in labor and enforcing the confidence of natural birth among the pregnant by practicing the new method of relieving pains in labor.

 Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital will always adhere to the principles of green pregnancy and natural birth to promote natural birth options. The hotline 027-6666 6333 is available for more knowledge about natural birth. You can also enter the official website of Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital for more services.

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