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Wuhan Baijia Medical Cosmetology Department

Date: August 27,2018   Read: 
  With the development and progress of plastic surgeries and cosmetology technologies, the effects of them have been widely accepted by the public. Nowadays, safety has been viewed as the first priority. Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital has a professional, diligent and safe team at the medical cosmetology department for clients to enjoy medical beauty services of safety, quality and happiness.
  The measures to reassure our clients
  Experts are employed with medical cosmetology qualifications, personalizing designing to create lasting, undetectable, natural effects.
  The international JCI accreditation, with 291 standards and 1,199 measurement elements, guarantees the safety of every step including doctors' qualification, materials, drugs, anesthesia, surgery and other treatment procedures, making you comfortable and beautiful.
  Scientific designing is offered to make a balance between effect and safety of the surgery. The program is reversible to avoid sequela.
  Technological progress is continuously followed for a safer scheme in minimally invasive surgery.
  No matter it is the problem of body contouring( reshaping or flabby ) or body volume( sunken or slack) , or the problem of skin quality (spots or pores) or wrinkles (static or dynamic),  we will always offer comprehensive designing in all aspects.
  ◇ Eye shaping  ◇ Nose shaping  ◇ Breast shaping  ◇ Liposuction shaping
  ◇ Photorejuvenation ◇ Acne skin rejuvenation ◇ Rhytidectomy ◇ Freezing depilatory ◇  Microdermaroller
  ◇ Hyaluronic acid  ◇ Facelifting ◇BOTOX  ◇  Hydrolifting
  Tattoo and beauty
  ◇ Semi permanent eyebrow tattoo  ◇ cosmetic contact lenses  ◇  Korean lip tattoo
  Private parts maintenance
  ◇ Femilift   ◇  Private shaping

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