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[Good Mothers Club] November in Wuhan Baijia, there are so many things you can do beside buying. A serious of classes are waiting for you to learn.

Date: November 02,2018   Read: 
Turning over the calendar, finding that October had quietly passed,
And Wuhan Baijia Good Mother Club has been accompanying mothers for nearly half a year.
During this period, not only did mothers gain knowledge of pregnancy,
Father also learned to take care of the baby with the new knowledge.
In the end of year 2018,
Our hospital will continue to function in the upcoming days.
To bring more splendid study content to them.
1. Compulsory course for parents: scientific care for children & intellectual care training
Nov 3 (Saturday) 10 am postpartum recuperation head nurse Hu Zhen
"0-3 years old" is the critical period of growth and development of infants. Do you want to make babies smarter? Then seize the "golden period" of baby's brain development, but mothers and fathers know how to do it? Wuhan Baijia has opened a new training course for the nursing of newborn babies. Welcome to join us!
2. Mothers' must-to-know : introduction to the triangular rehabilitation of postpartum.
Gynecologist Zhao Zheng at 10:00 am on Wednesday, Nov 7
After giving birth to a baby, you will always feel that your body is not in good condition: vaginal relaxation, stress incontinence...
On November 7, the gynecology experts of our hospital invited mothers to discuss the "secret garden" maintenance tips to help the mothers recover physically and mentally to the best state!
3. Money saving strategy: mother and baby carnival
November 11 (Sunday) 3:00 PM double 11 carnival.
On the day of the double 11 shopping carnival, Wuhan Baijia not only has the benefit on the internet, but also has quietly prepared more surprises for all the precious mothers. Don't miss this rare event.
4. Maternal and infant skills class: postpartum lactation tips
Postpartum rehab at 10:00 am Wednesday, Nov 14.
Many new mothers struggle with how to feed their babies. After giving birth to a baby, the first thing is nursing, but breast is swollen painful. What do you do when when milk is insufficient? How does a novice mother do the right thing to get more breast milk? Come to the good mother club to listen to this section, let feeding become simple
5. Expert interpretation: how to avoid abnormal gestational blood glucose.
Nov 17 (Saturday) 3:00 PM Chen Xiaohong, an expert in maternal and child medicine in the Hubei.
Many pregnant mothers supplement a lot of nutrients during pregnancy, but is eat more really good for mothers? How to balance nutrition and weight during pregnancy? In this course, Chen Xiaohong, a provincial expert in maternal and child medicine, was invited by Wuhan Baijia to explain to pregnant mothers the matters they should pay attention to during pregnancy, so that every pregnant mother could avoid becoming a "diabetic mother".
6. Craft class: DIY craft production -- DIY sweater chain.
Wednesday, November 21 at 10:00 am manual teacher
How can pregnancy get more entertainment? Don't worry about it. Come to Wuhan Baijia Good Mother Club and bring you different experiences. Learn to make DIY by hand. Fathers will never worry about mothers playing phones at home.
7. Event party: Thanksgiving & baby calendar award ceremony
Nov 24 (Saturday) at 3:00 PM
Wuhan Baijia "2019 calendar star baby" contest has begun to sign up, mothers want to show more friends the look of their cute baby. Then show the baby's cute, cool photos! Take time to organize your baby's photos and sign up! And you will have chance to get prize.
8. Practical operation lesson: Lamazar's breathing reduces pain and free of fear of pain
Nov 28 (Wednesday) 10:00 am maternity ward head nurse Li Junxi
Having a baby is a happy event for any mother, but the process of giving birth always brings fear before the time of happiness arrives. Is there any way to make childbirth less painful? The answer, of course, is this week's lesson. Lamazar's breathing method, will help every mothers to have less pain in childbirth, more joy and happiness!
Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital Good Mother Club
To provide women with professional knowledge of pregnancy
It also provides a place for learning and communication
Let mothers have fun in pregnancy
And give birth to healthy, smart babies.

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