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Is cervical cancer vaccine worth injection? Here's the answer for you.

Date: November 03,2018   Read: 

Since the confirmation of the news that "Wuhan Baijia can start to make an appointment for the HPV vaccine", we received many messages every day. There were various questions about the cervical cancer vaccine from mothers. We have collected and sorted out relevant information about cervical cancer and HPV vaccine in response to several important issues of concern to mothers. Today, we reply to you in this article. If you need to, mothers, you can take a look:
Q: What is cervical cancer? What symptoms do you have? What is the cause?
A: Cervical cancer, also known as carcinoma of uterine cervix, is a malignant tumor that occurs at the junction of squamous epithelial cells in the vaginal or transitional zone of the cervix and columnar epithelial cells in the endometrium of the cervix.
The common symptoms are contact vaginal bleeding, abnormal leucorrhea such as hemorrhagic leucorrhea, increased leucorrhea, irregular vaginal bleeding or postmenopausal vaginal bleeding. HPV, the human Papillomavirus, is the leading cause of cervical cancer. Of more than 100 types of HPV, at least 13 high-risk subtypes can cause cancer, and the study found HPV infections in more than 99% of cervical
Q: What kind of HPV vaccine Wuhan Baijia can vaccinate? What's the difference?
A: Two valent cervical cancer vaccine: Mainly prevent cervical cancer caused by HPV16 and HPV18; For women aged 9 to 45;
One dose was administered at 0/1/6 months, a total of 3 doses.
Quadrivalent cervical cancer vaccine: It can prevent cervical cancer caused by HPV16 and HPV18, and genital warts caused by HPV6 and HPV11. For women aged 20-45; One dose was administered at 0/2/6, and 3 doses were administered.
Q: What does HPV vaccine offer?
A: HPV vaccines only prevent about 70 percent of cervical cancer. The HPV vaccine provides long-term, consistent protection against HPV infection and HPV related diseases. Data from clinical trials conducted abroad show that the protective effect of HPV vaccine lasts at least 8-10 years.
As with unvaccinated women, women who are vaccinated with HPV still need to be screened for cervical cancer according to the recommended age group.
Q: Have been infected with HPV, is the quadrivalent HPV vaccine still useful?
A: There are hundreds of HPV viruses, but usually only one subtype is infected, with more than 10 percent of cases having two or more subtypes. Quadrivalent vaccines also prevent three subtypes. But after inoculation, must regular to the hospital, and get checked.
Q: What are the common adverse reactions after HPV vaccination?
A: the adverse reactions of the HPV vaccine are similar to those of other vaccines. Common adverse reactions include redness and swelling at the injection site of the arm, pain, mild headache or feeling tired, nausea and dizziness, and muscle or joint pain. But overall, most vaccinated people have no symptoms or adverse reactions.
Q: Who can't get the HPV vaccine?
A: people who have had A severe allergic reaction to the HPV vaccine or any of its components are not eligible for the HPV vaccine. For women who are already pregnant, it is recommended to postpone the vaccination schedule. If the woman is already pregnant, it is recommended to wait until the end of the lactation period before vaccination. No adverse effects have been found on pregnant mothers and fetuses. If pregnancy is found after vaccination, follow-up vaccination should be discontinued. Other doses can be continued after delivery.The good news! Our hospital can now start to vaccinate the HPV vaccine. The quantity is limited. If you are interested, please add WeChat ID below. Send your name and phone, and we will contact you later.

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