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Is there any radiation in ultrasound exam? Pregnancy ultrasound exam's secrets revealing!

Date: November 04,2018   Read: 
Ultrasonic inspection is a method to image reflected waves and observe the internal structure of human body by using human tissue to reflect different ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic examination is generally divided into: Type A, Type B, Type M, fan-shaped and doppler ultrasound examination, and the role of different methods in ultrasound diagnosis is different. Up to now, ultrasound is still an important auxiliary examination method for diagnosis of fetal growth or structure abnormality in obstetrics.
However, a pregnant mother might ask, do sonograms have an effect on the development of the fetus? The answer is that the necessary tests have little effect on the fetus. The ultrasound used for ultrasound examination is a physical mechanical wave, not radiation. The intensity of medical ultrasound is very low, and only the probe is placed in the lower abdomen of the pregnant mother slowly sliding. The ultrasonic wave passes through the abdominal wall, reaches the fetal body and is reflected back, forming images on the screen, so there is no need to worry about the impact on the fetus.
Wuhan Baijia early pregnancy inspection package for you and your baby's good health, prevention of threatened abortion, good birth and for the family happiness.
Wuhan Baijia ultrasound image (4d color ultrasound) inspection package, in addition to general color ultrasound functions. We can also observe the growth and development of the fetus in utero in multiple directions and angles, clearly show the eyes, nose, mouth, jaw, and other states, and we can also check the fetal surface. This is an important technical means to screen for fetal defects ~
An empty stomach is not necessary for the ultrasound (it is better not to eat something that is easily distended, otherwise it may hinder the penetration of the ultrasound, resulting in unclear imaging). Especially in the middle and late stage of pregnancy, if the baby is hungry, it will not cooperate, which may lead to unclear vision, unable to measure, or inaccurate measured data. Clothing as loose and light as possible, convenient to check; Do not have overweight psychological burden. Mothers should have a relaxed mood, and cooperate the examination of the doctor, avoid the nervousness which can interfere to normal examination result.


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