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Doubel 11, hot moms' benefits are coming toward you, your postpartum's health will be watched by it.

Date: November 07,2018   Read: 

The double 11 will be here soon. All kinds of discounts are showing up on the internet. Shopping is inevitable. So ladies, come and take a look.

Doesn't matter you have natural delivery or c-section. During the ten-months pregnancy. The muscle on the bottom of the pelvis is getting streched. It's like a hood, when something that's getting streched that long. It will be out of shape, and cause damage to the tissue.
And the unusual circumstance when pregnant and giving birth, if fetus is too big, amniotic fluid is too much, pregnant weight increases so to make pelvic floor muscle damaged situation worse.
Therefore, postpartum recovery is not only the recovery of the body, but also the recovery of physiological functions, including the physical recovery and the recovery of the bone and joint system (i.e. the pelvis and lumbar spine are restored to their original shape). In fact, only a few mothers will recover as their estrogen levels drop after giving birth. Most of them need medical help to recover.
This double 11 carnival, Wuhan Baijia prepared post-natal rehabilitation program discount for the fashion-loved, beautiful and hot mothers. Come and book it.
Revisit after 42 days.
The 42-day period from the birth of the baby to the confinement, known as the puerperium, is also the period of recovery of various organs of the postpartum mother. But how to recover, can not rely on the feeling of mothers only. It need a doctor to perform professional examination. The 42-day postpartum examination is to understand the recovery of the mother's body. At the same time, doctors will make suggestions on various aspects according to the recovery of the mother's body, and provide postpartum nutrition assessment and contraception guidance. Therefore, it is necessary to have the 42-day examination.
Pelvic floor rehabilitation.
Attracted to beauty is a woman's nature, mothers are willing to spend money to get external maintenance, but they often neglected pelvic floor maintenance. The quality of a woman pelvic floor health directly influence her daily life. The first year after giving birth is the "golden time" for pelvic floor muscle function recovery. The earlier the recovery, the better the effect. So surely someone will ask: which mothers need to get pelvic floor rehabilitation?
1. In the case of sneezing or coughing, leakage of urine occurs.
2. Feeling poor sexual quality and vaginal relaxation after delivery.
3. Lower back feeling of falling. Mild pelvic floor dysfunction without conscious symptoms, often with varying degrees of lumbosacral pain or feeling of falling.
4. Having fleshy thing to drop out of vagina, namely pelvic organ prolapse.
This double 11 mothers can't be cheap to themselves again
For a good health
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