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Are you pregnant now? This double 11 prenatal benefit will help you through your pregnancy.

Date: November 08,2018   Read: 
After getting pregnant
Pregnant women are about to embark on a pregnancy journey
Early, middle and late pregnancy
Each stage has a specific program to screen the child's development
And the physical condition of the pregnant mothers
Birth test has become a "necessary" routine for pregnant women
This double 11
For the "essential goods" - - prenatal check-up
Wuhan Baijia Hospital has prepared the following preferential benefits for everyone
Early pregnancy test
HCG: a more accurate method of pregnancy test to determine if pregnancy occurs;
Type B ultrasonography: determine whether ectopic pregnancy exists, observe the number and development of embryos, and check the intrauterine function;
Progesterone test: progesterone is progesterone, also known as progesterone. Determine the risk of a threatened abortion.
Ultrasonic image (4d color ultrasound)
Ultrasonic imaging (four-dimensional color ultrasound) time: 22-26 weeks of pregnancy;
Ultrasonography (four-dimensional color doppler ultrasound) is a full-body examination to evaluate fetal head, fetal spine, fetal heart, fetal abdomen and fetal limb during early pregnancy.
You can also see the baby's posture, expression, and the secret baby's life in the pregnant mother's belly.
Down syndrome screening
Down's screening test duration: 14-20 weeks of pregnancy;
Down's screening can determine the risk level of the fetus with down's syndrome by detecting the maternal serum concentration of fetal protein a, villi gonadotropin and swimming free estradiol, and combining the time of pregnancy, weight and age of the pregnant woman, and calculating the risk coefficient of the fetus with birth defects.  
Glucose tolerance test
Glucose tolerance test time: 24-28 weeks;
During the screening test for gestational diabetes, the pregnant mother must be fasting for 8 to 14 hours;
During this period, the rapid growth period of the fetus, the baby mother's placenta secreted more and more vigorously, and various factors leading to diabetes in the body developed the most obvious. If the pregnant mother is found to have gestational diabetes, early treatment can be made to minimize maternal and infant harm.
Cardiac care
(limited to 20 places only)
Fetal heart monitoring time: 34-36 weeks, once a week;
Monitor the intrauterine condition of the fetus and detect abnormal conditions in time until delivery.
Please make an appointment in advance to arrange the appropriate time for inspection.
Customer service reminder and make arrangements for each production and inspection Wuhan Baijia also for a mothers and women.
A discount package for postpartum rehabilitation and physical health examination was launched.
Care for the health of women's whole life cycle.
Let more women enjoy high-quality medical services.
Please add the qr code to the welfare group to enjoy the benefits on the day of double 11.


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