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"Uncovering your ankle" can cause gynecological disease? Put your socks on right now.

Date: November 11,2018   Read: 

Whether in the working place.
Or walking down the street.
You can always see a lot of fashionable young people.
Especially girls.
All have such a habit of dressing.
Wearing pants to show their ankles.
Showing the "ankle" can be fashionable.
Flashing out your long legs and give people a sense of bony.
But it's the winter now.
Baijia wants to remind everyone.
It's getting colder and colder.
Girls, please put down your trouser legs.
The doctor has something to say!!!
The doctor said, although the ankle looks beautiful, but in the health aspect. This is not advisable!
Doctors remind that the upper part of the ankle is distributed with blood vessels, nerves, ligaments and other important tissues, and the foot is the "second heart" of human, and the ankle is an important passage for blood flow in the feet.
 The blood circulation of the lower part of the body is unimpeded or not, which has a great influence on the circulation of qi and blood of the whole body. If you do not pay attention to the warmth of the ankle. It is easy to lead to cold wind into the body. Apart from the pain in the ankle itself, cold attacks can damage other parts of the body.

Doctors also say that ankle is an important weight-bearing joint in the body. It is less warm because it has less fat under the skin, which can lead to ankle pain and even cold legs if you expose it to the cold wind.
Once cold, blood vessels constrict, the joint blood circulation will become worse, and in the long run, if serious, will lead to joint damage, arthritis.
Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that "cold comes from the feet", which means the importance of keeping your feet warm. The warmth of the ankle is given priority to with comfortable shoe and  socks, heat preservation, good ventilation, when choosing shoe and socks. You want them little loosen, in order to benefit the foot in the normal activity inside shoe. The blood circulation can be ensured.
What's more, the pursuit of beauty hides the risk of gynecological diseases.
"Toeless" easy to cause gynecological diseases.
There are many acupoints in the foot, thus cold pathogenic enters the meridians, causing qi and blood stasis and blockage of meridians, which may induce a series of gynecological diseases. Some gynecological diseases do not cause obvious discomfort at first, but if they are not taken seriously enough, they may eventually affect uterine function and, in serious cases, cause infertility.
 Want to be far from the trouble of disease of gynaecology in winter, besides pay attention to keep warm, you should get more exercise done. Follow a regular life habit. The female should do gynaecology examination regularly. If you detect that your private part has unusual circumstance. You should seek medical treatment in time.

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