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Wuhan Baijia medical grade postpartum rehabilitation, give every new mother a quality care!

Date: November 12,2018   Read: 

If giving birth to a child is a near-death experience, then "confinement" is the process of remaking oneself biologically. Mother's friction with her mother-in-law and first care for a baby in "confinement" will make her depressed, but after giving birth, a mother needs meticulous care. Then, what are the advantages of Wuhan Baijia medical grade postpartum rehabilitation service?
The following mothers have a different experience ~ ~ together we will find out ~
Every word of compliment.
Every positive evaluation of Wuhan Baijia.
Make all the employees of Wuhan Baijia have a warm feeling in their hearts.
These new mothers who have walked out of Wuhan Baijia medical grade postpartum rehabilitation can feel that "confinement" is a good memory. Next, we will have pregnant mothers tell us something about Wuhan Baijia medical grade postpartum rehabilitation. Together we will see.
1. Chain brand of 21 cities, the first JCI certified hospital in Wuhan.
Wuhan Baijia postpartum rehabilitation is affiliated to Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital, which is the first international JCI certified hospital in Wuhan and a chain brand of 21 cities.
2. Ten medical level teams, and the nursing teacher takes care of them one by one.
Wuhan  Baijia medical postpartum rehabilitation according to the standard of three-level medical service system, has a professional medical team and nursing team, maternity, production, pediatricians doctors pay a great deal of attention to newborn's growth, maternal and child care professional one-on-one professional guidance, exclusive butler all-time services, maternal and infant comprehensive health care.
3. Shanghai headquarter team developed Taiwan confinement meal, and designed recipes with Chinese nutritionists.
Senior dietitian in Shanghai headquarter elaborately customize the exclusive confinement meal for each mothers. Baijia chefs strictly choose food materials, instant cooking and careful production, so that mothers can enjoy the confinement meal of Evergrande star wife team. The nutrition and diet management plans of confinement are tailored and scientifically formulated to meet different nutritional needs and individual differences.
4. Medical level postpartum rehabilitation project, customized postpartum rehabilitation program for mothers.
Wuhan Baijia offers medical-level postpartum rehabilitation project and customized postpartum rehabilitation program to restore health and beauty. Postpartum model, uterine recuperation, pelvic floor rehabilitation, breast plastic and other comprehensive recuperation, so that mothers can keep away from postpartum disease, and make rapid recovery to prenatal figure.
Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital double 11 festival is about to start.
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In order to meet different needs for pregnant women.
Wuhan Baijia personalized a variety of delivery room set.
On the day of 11th.
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Let you spend less money to enjoy the "queen" level treatment.

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