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[You have appointment with the experts] How to avoid pregnancy blood glucose abnormalities of the" sugar mama "and" sweet "baby salon.

Date: November 13,2018   Read: 
With the change of the modern lifestyle and eating habits, family and other factors lead to the gestational diabetes showed a trend of rising.
Gestational diabetes is often occur during pregnancy, hydramnios, premature birth, etc; Easily occur in neonatal hypoglycemia, low blood calcium, high bilirubin concentration and so on, a serious impact on maternal and child health. In recent years, more and more maternal gestational diabetes, diabetic population is not that rare in ou time.
Gestational diabetes mellitus is a kind of endocrine disease, the pregnant mother once diagnosed with gestational diabetes. They may not be able to get rid of the shadow of it during the whole pregnancy and postpartum. And a lot of pregnant mothers don't know gestational diabetes specific outcomes, they don't know how to effectively control blood sugar and guarantee the nutritional needs of pregnancy.
Our hospital on November 17 (Saturday) afternoon on the 6th floor good mother club, will hold a 'how to avoid pregnancy blood glucose abnormalities' first health salon activities.
Special guest province women's and children's medical experts. Chen Xiaohong.This salon activity invited Hubei maternal and child health care medicine Hospital, director of the adult department. She will teach us on how to avoid abnormal blood sugar during pregnancy, gestational diabetes, the mother's blood sugar management and food management. She will be interacting with diabetic mothers, and answer their questions.
Expert introduction
Chen Xiaohong
Chief physician
Hubei maternal and child health Hospital
Adult medical department director
Wuhan BAIJIA group special guest and consultant.
Hubei maternal and child health Hospital.
Director of adult apartment, director of the Chinese academy of sciences in Beijing institute of cardiovascular disease study. Engaged in clinical work for nearly 30 years, cardiovascular disease and pregnancy with diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, endocrine diseases has rich experience. Published more than 10 papers. One complete scientific research subject, the provincial science and technology progress third prize. Free blood sugar monitoring for diabetic mothers, let everyone know their blood sugar level, in order to better management of blood sugar, don't be a diabetic mother.
In addition to the authoritative expert on-site answer your questions, we also set up the special Q&A section. Let pregnant mothers relax in pleasant atmosphere, understand and grasp how to avoid pregnancy blood glucose abnormalities. And know more about pregnancy mother's blood sugar level, diet management knowledge.
In addition to health knowledge sharing. There will be some cakes baking, on November 17 at 2:30 in the afternoon. Baijia invites all pregnant mothers come and share the nice tea.
New mother gifts: One gift package for those who are here on time.
Warm heart interaction gifts: If you share the scene interaction, have the opportunity to win multiple gift packages;
Lucky serial draws: There will be first, second and third prizes, eight lucky prize, November mother reservation privileges, benefits;
Activity time: November 17, 2018, 2:30 in the afternoon .Location: Wuhan Baijia maternity hospital 6 floor.

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