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When you have to get an abortion, how to reduce harm? Women need to know more about this, so they know how to protect themselves

Date: November 15,2018   Read: 
The development of abortion.
In the past, because the technology limitation, there's no professional, advanced equipment, abortion is like a trip to the "gate of hell". But now,  there are a lot of progress in science and technology and abortion is not an issue. Advance in technology, equipment, etc. Now, we need to consider is how to minimize damage. So there are a few questions related to "abortion", I think we should know about.
About abortion.
Of course I don't advocate you go and get an abortion, after all it is a surgery. If you can, I hope you can keep the child, but if you had to do it. I would suggest that you choose a regular hospital, this is to ensure the safety of operation. Also, choose a suitable operation method, now there are many kinds of abortion surgery: a medical abortion, painless abortion, etc. More reliable way, you should avoid to cause any unnecessary trouble.

You better do a pregnant early check-up if your period is a week late. Thing about pregnancy is that the sooner you know the better. First of all, if you are an ectopic pregnancy, if not found in time, the growth of the fetus would endanger its life. Moreover, if it is a normal pregnancy you can choose a different method of abortion. Abortion had better be taken place within three months, more than 3 months, the fetus is too large and can only be induced labor.
About the operation.
Operation can not be conducted blindly, before abortion you must get a comprehensive inspection. General abortion preoperative examination including leucorrhea, blood test, gynaecology ultrasound. Preoperative week prohibit sex at the same time, the preoperative fasting 8 hours. Go to a hospital on the day with your sanitary pads, wear pants that are loosen, and easy to take off. These are small things, but is necessary. I hope everybody can take this seriously, after all this is related to your health.
About the recovery.
Usually at the end of postoperative bleeding 7 days or so. Go to doctors with 2-3 weeks. If anything abnormal should happen you need to visit in a timely manner. Pay attention to keep warm, don't catch cold, no sex in a month. You need to get enough rest 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery, especially the first three days, after that you can take part in light activity, it helps blood discharge. You can take a shower after the surgery, even the first day, but you must be careful not to catch cold. You can take shower, but do not take bath. Keep the vulva clean, anyhow personal hygiene is important to note that otherwise it's easy to have inflammation.
If you can't avoid to have abortion, you should at least know that with all the relevant basic knowledge, in this way can we do our best to care ourselves. If you have more questions for abortion, you can be directly click on the "reading" free online consultation. Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital will provide good services for you, the experienced medical experts to answer your questions, sweet and comfortable space for private visits, give you all the care we have!

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