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Li-Ping Wang Associate Chief Physician
  • 某协会荣誉会长

  • Director of Wuhan Baijia Reproductive and Infertility Department.

  • Language Skills: English

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Former vice director physician of Shanghai Family Planning Institute Hospital. She learned from Professor Da-Kin Li, Professor Chuan-Xin Yu, and Professor Jin-Fang Lin in Affiliated Hospital of Shanghai Fudan University. She has worked in clinical diagnosis and treatment of infertility for more than 20 years.


Skilled in diagnosis and treatment of various infertility, especially in ovulation disorders (Premature ovarian failure, low pituitary function, etc) and she has unique insights on infertility caused by menstrual disorders such as polycystic ovary syndrome, endocrine disorders. Dr.Wang also has rich experience in diagnosis and treatment of endocrine disorders, endometriosis, uterine dysplasia and other diseases.


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