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Liang-Zhen Wen Chief Physician/ Professor/ Doctoral Supervisor
  • Well-known OB/GYN expert at Wuhan Tongji Hospital

  • Distinguished expert in obstetrics at Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital

  • Language Skills: English

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Dr. Wen graduated from the Medical Department of Tongji Medical College (formerly Wuhan Medical College) in 1963. In 1980s, she conducted a series of clinical studies on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of fetal intrauterine infection and the impacts of intrauterine infection on fetal growth, and has obtained many excellent research results.In the past 20 years, Dr. Wen has undertaken the national "eighth five-year plan" scientific and technological research project "Diagnosis of Fetal Intrauterine Infection and its Impact on Fetal Growth". In 1999, she won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of Ministry of Health, the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of Hubei Province and the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of Wuhan. In 2002, she won the first prize of science and Technology Progress in Hubei Province and Wuhan City, and the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress recommended by the Ministry of Education in 2003.


Dr. Wen has engaged in clinical area of Ob/gyn for more than 50 years, she is skilled in solving miscellaneous difficult Ob/gyn diseases, especially experienced in perinatal medicine, clinical eugenics, prenatal screening (intrauterine infection, fetal chromosome disease, etc.).

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