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Fu-Yuan Qiao Chief Physician/Professor/Doctoral Supervisor
  • Well-known OB/GYN expert at Wuhan Tongji Hospital

  • Distinguished expert in obstetrics at Wuhan Baijia Maternity Hospital

  • Language Skills: English

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Graduated from the Medical Department of Tongji Medical University in 1975. Dr. Qiao studied at West Ulm University and obtained his doctor's degree In 1986. Since 1992, he has served successively as chairman member of the Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Wuhan Branch of the Chinese Medical Association. Council member of the Chinese Eugenics Association, Vice President of Hubei Eugenics Association. Vice chairman member of the Hubei Preventive Medical Association. Editorial board of "Chinese Clinical Magazine", "Practical Obstetrics and Gynecology Magazine", "Chinese Traditional and Western Medicine Magazine", "Huazhong Medical Journal" and "Chinese Practical Gynecology and Obstetrics Magazine".


Expert in dealing with all kinds of difficult and complicated diseases in Ob/gyn, especially in the treatment of pregnancy complications, and other critical diseases. He is a champion of perinatal medicine in Hubei province and has rich experiences in oB/GYN surgery.

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